Sunday, 2 October 2011

September 23-30 Nova Scotia

Our old house at #3 Phoenix Crescent in Lower Sackville, NS

September 23
What a good idea to have spent last night at the motel, as it was still raining as we drove to Halifax and into Pt Pleasant Park to see the Hurricane devastation.  

We needed to pick up a new set of shoes for Tony as his previous set were ready to walk away on their own.  Once this chore was done we drove to check out our old stomping grounds in Lower Sackville. After a short tour and walk along 1st Lake beach--that’s was flash back to the past--and went up to the Gillie's house and found our old house was up for sale yet again. Cliff came home from work to find us sitting in the back yard relaxing.  Judy arrived and prepared a scrumptious dinner of Lasagne; we drank plenty of wine and caught up on all our old friends.  Frances and Bernie stopped by to join in and we chatted into the night (aka as late as we can these days).

September 24
In the morning, we toured Lower Sackville further with Judy and Cliff before driving out to Mark and Sandy’s new house.  On the way we stopped at “John’s” for great fish n chips and to watch surfers in the rain at Lawrencetown Beach.  Their house on Porter’s Lake is large, bright and close to Sandy’s school as well as daycare for Lucas. Mark has plans for a garage/workshop and an impressive collection of fly rods and guns.  Very soon we were off to Jill and Mark’s for Mark White’s BD party with extended family and a feast of pizza with “donair spring rolls”.  Judy and I, fortified with wine, were easily persuaded to join the kids in the pool/hot tub.  As the day closed, Tony & Cliff vied with Mark and Mark for the Crib championship.  

September 25
Despite the partying the evening before, we were up early-ish and ready to go for a bike ride around 1st and 2nd Lakes.  There has been an amazing amount of trail building that allowed us to wind along behind the rowing club on 1st Lake and back up the KILLER hill from 2nd Lake.  After a lovely barbecue at Frances’ house with Cliff, Judy and Bernie we sadly said our goodbyes (your turn to come out west next!) and headed off to Port Hawkesbury to meet up with the Greig’s and their friends, Jill and John (special hello to Sher).  We spent an evening planning next day’s adventures over more great wine and fish ‘n chips.

September 26
On the road to Louisbourg by 9 am, we drove through the beautiful “Bras D’Or Lakes” side of the “Fleur de Lis” trail.  Sadly, we were a week early for the “Celtic Colours” extravaganza and the trees were just starting to turn.  We noted famous names like the “Red Shoe” in Mabou (owned by the Rankin sisters), Rita’s (McNeill’s)Tea House in Big Pond, Marion Bridge and the Mira River.  There is so much to say about our time in Louisbourg where we all throughly enjoyed interacting with the historic figures.  Again, so much to see and so little time.  There has been much more reconstructed since last time--25 plus years ago.  We were very sad to rush off at 4, but excited to be seeing Anne and Burt in Pictou County.  After arriving at the Langilles' and a great chat with all, we fell into bed exhausted.

September  27
We spent a great day with Anne and Burt relaxing, catching up and checking out nearby New Glasglow, which has grown into quite a happening town.  After enjoying a delicious pot of mussels and seafood chowder for lunch, we spent time getting the car ready for the next leg (oil, brakes, rotors, bearings, wheels--more about that later).  This naturally segue-wayed into checking out possible new cars for Anne and Burt.  Just Tony’s kind of shopping!  Back into Pictou in the evening, we were treated to delicious Thai food with Anne, Burt and Ben, then went off to bed early so we could catch ferry to PEI early in the morn.
September 28
Anne, Meghan and I were up by 6ish  to be off on the ferry to PEI, while Tony and Burt were off on a journey of their own for the day.  We drove along the beautiful beaches on the way toward Cavendish (home of Green Gables) and spent a leisurely lunch at “the Dune’s Cafe” (fabulous food and even better gallery and garden).  Deciding to head back to Charlottetown, we topped off lunch with a “Cow’s” ice cream sampling and trekked through town.  Sher, Meghan’s friend from her internship in Guatamalea, took time from her LSAT’s practice and treated us to tea.  It was great to get a chance to hear Meghan's and Sher's stories and find out what their next plans are. We spent a little longer shopping and then met with Sher at one of her job sites/ Italian restaurant for dinner.  After more excellent food, we made a quick dash to the ferry.  Tony and Burt were full of stories of their own--some of them true!  Apparently their day was spent car shopping topped with a bike ride and a great mussel/beer feast.  

September 29
Thursday was the day to do all of the chores before we left on Friday--laundry, car packing.  We had enough time left for more visiting, reading and even a golf game for Tony and Burt.  The evening was spent eating a lovely vegetarian dinner with Anne, Burt, Ben and Meghan and playing some intense games of pool.  Riley (the Boxer) curled up on our laps, pretending to be a lap dog while we contemplated where to find new car tires (2 had worn due to misalignment).
Riley on  Burt’s lap
September 30
With a hearfelt thanks and goodbye to Anne and Burt, we started the long drive out of NS into NB and finally into Maine.  Hopefully we will meet them somewhere else en-route.  We camped in a private site and were quickly back into the routine of tenting.  Tony is looking for the best place to stop for tires (New Hampshire?).  Perhaps Boston tomorrow afternoon? 

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