Monday, 25 July 2011

July 25, 2011

Our departure date is quickly looming.  All the big stuff is done; the house is rented, the cat foster parents are signed up and we are almost finished sorting out the house.  It seems that the time has flown by since our first formulations of the trip sprung from our lips 18 months ago, now only 6 sleeps to go.  Both of us are looking forward to a break from our very busy jobs for the next 13 months.  It is hard to imagine not having to think about the daily routine and we are both nervously excited about the prospects.  Elaine has been working hard to get the yard in shape; we leave this year with a bumper crop of tomatoes and apples, the deer have it in for the   peas and beans.  The flowers are looking great at our home "Oast House", we hope our visitors from New Mexico enjoy it as much as we have.

We celebrated our impending departure this last weekend with a few close friends and neighbours.  It was a wonderful summer day, followed up with a dip down at Norris Beach in Saanich Inlet.
For everyone following, here is a loose itinerary of where and when we plan to be over the coming months....subject to the whims of our nomadic spirits.  At this time the only thing fully committed is a one way ticket to Sao Paulo on November 1....after that who knows!

August 1 we are driving up to the cabin at Tatlayoko Lake for the month, with a side trip to canoe/kayak the Bowron Lakes with a group of friends.  Our Chilcotin time is primitive with no internet, so new posts will be limited.