Friday, 2 September 2011

August 16-19, 2011 Tatlayoko Lake Part 2

As we had managed to complete the Bowron Lake circuit a day early, the gang headed to Tatlyoko for some non-portaging/non-paddling RnR.  We arrived at the Lake about 8:45 pm with just enough time left to eat, bathe (some of us) and fall into bed.  
Still on the adventure schedule, Tony and Wanda were up by about 6ish to put on coffee and think about what we might get up to.  Dr. Dave (Huntley) arrived for a surprise visit the next morning for coffee then ended up staying for the week. He knew just about every second geologist/geophysicist that Carmel and Wanda named.  A little exploring to the beach, wild games of fuse-boll, ping pong and pool.  After lunch we divided with the ladies choosing to collect large fossil rocks and drift-wood whilst the guys went to look for the critter cam.
(ps I know the date is wrong).   Mission accomplished on both parts, fossils, logs and camera.   More great eats, treats and wine.  Next day plans were set to once again scale Potatoe Mountain, this time with four dynamic women (Carmel, Elaine, Wanda and Wendy) and our septuagenarian friend Dr. Dave.  

Richard and Tony opted for the less strenuous outing to Chilko Lake to  view the sites on the other side of the mountain.  We all rendezvoused back at the cabin later in the day for an evening of merriment.   Our friends were sad to be leaving the next morning, but everyone needed to get back down to Victoria, so they were all off by 0830.   We hung around with Dr. Dave for the day puttering around the property, catching a few rays and swimming....a very relaxing day.  Elaine confirmed that everyone she needed to see would be in Bella Coola and we had a place to we go to BC. 

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