Monday, 12 September 2011

August 22-30, 2011 Last week in Tatlayoko

With our impending departure in mind, we spent the last week or so focussed on getting ready.  
Step 1 (Tues): gather rails to finish panels on fence round the cabin property.  Chain saw and axe in hand, we headed to the dump road.  Dr. Dave joined in, chopping when the chain saw wouldn’t start.  After 15 rails, he said goodbye and headed off to One Eye Lake for the second part of his holiday.  We headed off to put up some panels, fix the chain saw and relax with a swim in the lake.

Step 2 (Wed): Gather more rails.  Next day and 80 poles later, we hung out with Wolf, Yvonne, Keannu and Ryder at the lake.    
Step 3 (Thurs): Put panels on fence.  Seven panels later, it seemed like time to stop and go for another swim and spend a great evening having Wolfie, Yvonne and gang down for dinner.  
Step 4 (Fri):  Bad idea to get out to the paneling late and have the mosquitos beat you there.  After about 3 panels we decided that it would be much better to get more rails--or anything else!  Off to the road opposite the dump, things looked much better.  After off-loading the rails, we consoled ourselves with another swim and reading session at the lake.  Biking to the campground after dinner, we joined a potluck campfire with new Tatlayoko residents, young professionals who have purchased land in the valley.  They are getting acquainted/reacquainted (thanks to our Postmistress Jo and Edmonton/Tatlayoko local, Meghan Shelley).  We have a wonderful time hearing their stories and leave so late that we bike back down the long road without benefit of light (or bear spray) you can guess we made it!
Step 5 (Sat): Yes, more garbage to the dump, more water from Crazy Creek and more panels (128 rails, 17 panels--10 left to close) and then time off for good behaviour.  Tomorrow we are going to refocus on clean-up.
Step 6 (Sun): After a little bit of cleaning up, we head off to the dump again then in to see Mark and Karin Satre.  Wow!  They have been very busy since last summer and now have work-in-progress home, lots of outbuildings, 4 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats on-sight.  What a beautiful view and space.  We spend all afternoon swapping stories and eating. Back at the Wild Rose Ranch, we spend the evening with Yvonne and Keannu for a lovely dinner and visit. 
Step 7 (Mon):  After spending the morning cleaning, we headed off to kayak through the lagoon.  It is a beautiful still afternoon when we head in, a couple of families playing at the edge of the beach.  By the time we exit under the log bridge, the wind is building and surf pounding on the beach. 
 Off to dinner with Len and Jo, we are treated to a scrumptious dinner and more great conversation.  
Step 8 (Tues):  Clean all day, say goodbye to Yvonne and Keannu and get ourselves completely packed.  We are ready to go tomorrow.  Looking forward to it, but sad to leave Tatlayoko.

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